February 19, 2006

Money Magazine Article - All in the Family

Below is a letter sent to the writer and the editor of Money Magazine regarding an article that appeared on page 116 of theMarch 2006 issue. As always, I want to know your thoughts on the subject.

When I turned the page of the March issue of Money magazine and saw the picture of two women holding hands (All in the Family, page 116), I immediately knew the article was going to be about a homosexual couple. I was furious. I would expect that type of article in a magazine by Rosie or Ellen, not in my Money magazine. I was tempted to rip that section right out of the magazine, but I restrained myself and just skipped over it.

Later that evening while I was reading a study booklet about the Ten Commandments, (ironically the study lesson for the evening was on the seventh commandment, for more information see Exodus Chapter 20) I knew I needed to read your article and viscously respond to it.

I was expecting an article about how to “get around” the law and “beat the system”. However, after reading the article very closely, I did not see one sentence where you describe to them how to find any loopholes in the system. Instead, you simply give them advice to minimize their problem (which is, in my opinion, exactly what you are supposed to do). In fact, you clearly state to them that the law is not on their side and if they want to live that kind of lifestyle they are on their own. There were no opinions or judgments about their lifestyle or future plans to have another child. There wasn’t even a comment about how they blew much of the profit from the sale of their townhouse on furnishing their new house. I guess greed does not discriminate against race, gender, or sexual orientation.

The advice offered is sound advice that really applies to most people whether in a marriage or living a single life. Wills are important for pretty much everyone, attacking debt is critical to maintaining a healthy financial life, and saving is important not only for retirement, but for emergency situations as well. You even pointed out their financial mistake of signing up for domestic partner health benefits.

While I believe that homosexual or domestic partnership relations are wrong and hopefully will not be recognized by the government, there will still be many people that will want to practice that lifestyle, unfortunately. In this case, there is a child involved, and it is important that the child not pay for errors that the parent(s) make.

Thanks for offering the advice and writing the article, however, I hope I don’t see too many more articles of this nature in your publication.

Thoughts from Doe Valley

Wesley Matthews
Strongstown, PA

February 16, 2006

Minimum Wage Increase in PA.

Here is a copy of a letter sent to the local politicians. Let me know what your thoughts are.

Vote NO for raising the minimum wage. Studies have shown that raising the minimum wage increases unemployment. We do not need higher unemployment. I am not just some crazy constituent with an agenda; I have a degree in Economics and Finance, as well as, an M.B.A. I have done the research and have read the studies to support the evidence presented here.

The economic Law of Demand states that if prices rise, demand will decrease. The Law of Supply states that if prices rise, supply will also increase. A wage is a price paid for labor. The economic Laws of Supply and Demand hold true with labor as well. Therefore, higher wages increase the number of workers willing to work, but decrease the number of workers employers will hire.

Going further, many small business that are barely making a profit now, could be forced to layoff current workers (due to the increased cost), actually creating unemployment. They may even close their business. Studies have also shown, that the people who “need” a minimum wage suffer the most (teenagers, racial minorities, and low-skilled workers).

Yes, increasing the minimum wage may get you reelected to your position, but it will not help Pennsylvania’s economy or our local economy. Jobs will be lost. We need to reduce the cost of doing business in Pennsylvania and our local area.

We need a radical change in Pennsylvania. Eliminate the income tax (replacing it with a sales (consumption) tax) and change the formula for taxing businesses. This will promote investment into Pennsylvania. I do realize, that this is easier said than done, but it will work!


Wesley Matthews