September 28, 2007

I’m not kidding.

As many of you are aware Pennsylvania is a struggling state. We have one of the largest and highest paid legislatures, but yet, they cannot seem to fix the problems.

For example, we are faced with higher and higher taxes, yet that money doesn’t really help fix any problems for the state. It seems to simply create more problems.

We have a failing transportation system. There are terrible roads throughout the state. Many bridges received failing grades during their last inspection. We have failure of the mass transit systems, mostly due to outrageous costs require to run them. Let’s not forget that Turnpike Commission too.

We also have a governor that has been a part of several scandals and associates with criminals. Then there is PHEAA, the student loan organization, and the corruption and abuses and misuse of money that has recently became public.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because yesterday, the topic of discussion for the Children and Youth Committee in the Pennsylvania House was……whether or not metal bats should be banned in little league games.

Why worry about trying to fix other problems, like unemployment or child predators or improving schools, when we have these little kids swinging metal bats!

I’m not kidding. This is real!

September 25, 2007

Quiz Today!


What should you do as an employee of a company that is losing not only market share to foreign companies, but is also losing money?

A) Ignore it, because it is management’s problem, not yours.

B) Work harder and smarter to help reduce costs so your job is not eliminated by plant closings and layoffs.

C) Demand more money and benefits and then go on strike when management does not give you those benefits.

The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it? Well, at least obvious to people with a little common sense.

American workers, both “blue” and “white” collar workers, need to get rid of the “greed” mentality in order to be competitive in a global marketplace. Greed hurts yourself as much as it hurts others. Greed is good for no one!

Be content with what you have. Ignore what the people next door have. Enjoy what you have been given.

September 19, 2007

Worst Issue Ever!

I received the October Issue of Kiplinger Magazine in the mail the other day. This issue was titled "The Green Issue." I wasn't real thrilled and after I stated looking through the issue, pretty much every article was somehow related to being environmentally "green." It was horrible. Below is a letter I sent to the editor.

I was very disappointed with the “Green” Issue of Kiplinger’s magazine (October 2007). There were no articles of interest to me at all. Even the columns I usually enjoy, such as Jeremy Siegel and Knight Kiplinger, provided nothing useful. Oh and the 29 ways to save big around the house: use CFL bulbs, lower the thermostat, original.

You could have really made a “Green” issue by not even wasting the resources to print the “Green” issue!

Hopefully things return to normal next month. I really do enjoy your magazine.

September 13, 2007

Flag Ban at School

A school in North Carolina banned the wearing of “items with flags from any country, including the United States.” See NBC17 for the full story.

The article drew quite a few comments, most outraged at the fact that the students could not wear “flag” clothing. The comments call the administrators at the school “gutless” and should be fired. One person was ashamed of his state because of the school rule. A former serviceman said he would not have removed the colors off him or his kids without a fight. Mostly though it was the liberals and political correctness being blamed for the ban.

Here is my take.

BRAVO to the school district. Wearing the flag on your clothing is not a sign of pride. It shows DISRESPECT toward the flag and toward the country.

Any good Boy Scout will tell you the flag is NEVER to be worn as clothing, unless it is part of a uniform. Don’t believe me? Check out section 8d of the flag code. (It is at the bottom of the web page).

Respect for the flag shows respect for America.

September 12, 2007

They Don’t Call Him Fast Eddie for Nothing!

Norman Hsu, a major Democratic party fundraiserer, also gave some money to our great governor, Ed Rendell. At first Gov. Rendell was not going to return the money (even Hillary Clinton was going to return the money she got from Hsu – that tells you how low Governor Rendell really is). However, after Mr. Hsu skipped out on bail and was caught (again) the great governor decided to donate the almost $40,000 to charity. What a great guy! I guess that is why they call him Fast Eddie; he can change his tune real quick.

Hsu is a criminal. Rendell is one of his buddies. What does that tell you? I wonder how many other criminals Rendell regularly associates with (besides the other legislators of course)?

You can read more about this "latest" scandel at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

September 06, 2007

CNN News - Interesting:

Currently, there is a big picture of Luciano Pavarotti on the opening page of CNN and there is no mention of Dr. James Kennedy.

They both died today, but apparently the work of Dr. Kennedy was not news worthy to CNN. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising to us though. I would expect most mainstream media organizations to skip over this news story.

For those who are not familiar with Dr. Kennedy, you can visit Coral Ridge Ministry for more information.