July 27, 2015

Book Review

On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow? By Wendell E. Mattey

This is a collection of stories about people in the author's life who have taught him many lessons about God's work in this world today. These people have helped him grow in his relationship with God.

The book is a very quick read and some of the stories are interesting, but most of them were not very useful for me.

The ultimate conclusion of the book is that God is in control and the people and situations He places in your life are there for a reason.

If you are looking for some quick stories about God using people, then go ahead and read this book. Otherwise, move on to something else.

July 13, 2015

Book Review

What God Desires
Matthew 25: Ministries
The Story of the Center for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief
by Wendell E. Mattey

This is the continuing story of how Matthew 25: Ministries developed into the Center for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief.

Like the first book, this is an inspiring story of how God works through His people, providing for them what they need and when they need it.

I encourage anyone who has doubts about God's truth and His faithfulness to His people to read this book and simply trust God. When you are doing what God desires you will not fail!

July 06, 2015

Book Review

Are Not My People Worthy
by Wendell E. Mettey

This is the story about the growth of Matthew 25 Ministries, an organization which in in ministry to the poor.

I found this story very interesting and inspiring. From starting as one man's will to help the poor in Nicaragua to continuous growth and ability to help more and more people.

This is a quick read, but worth it if you are looking to lift your spirits and inspire you on your own journey.

July 02, 2015

Dollar Shave Club

Last month I received a free month of the Dollar Shave Club. So I decided to try out "The Executive". This is their top of the line 6 blade razor with a trimmer edge. I received the handle and 4 cartridges. The directions say to use one cartridge a week. Like my other tests, I decided to use one cartridge for the month.

I could tell right after the first shave that this was not the razor for me. The head was too big for my face and didn't shave close in several areas. After a month the razor was still sharp enough to cut, but it just didn't work for me, especially for the price of $2.25 a piece.

Dollar Shave Club also offers "The 4X" which is a four blade razor for $6 a month or $1.50 per cartridge and "The Humble Twin" which is a two blade razor for $1 a month plus $2 shipping or $0.60 a cartridge.

I'll stick with my Gillette Sensor 3 on sale with a coupon for about $0.50 a piece. I haven't found anything to beat them for the price.

Still shaving here in Doe Valley.