April 21, 2014

Book Review

The Second Coming by John MacArthur

The purpose of this book is to examine what the bible says regarding the return of Christ. Much of the exposition focuses on the Olivet Discourse.

One thing MacArthur does in this book that he doesn't usually do is focus on what other people say and believe about the second coming of Christ. He then uses Scripture to disprove or discredit their ideas. He explains terms like amillennialism, pre-millennialism, postmillennialism, and preterism. None of these terms are found in Scripture, but are terms that people have used to describe their stance regarding Christ's return.

I think because MacArthur focused on disproving other ideas, I couldn't really get interested in the book until the final few chapters, which are spent explaining in detail the three parables at the end of the Olivet Discourse.

If you are interested in learning about other thoughts and ideas regarding the second coming of Christ then I would recommend this book. If you are interested in understanding and looking for an exposition of the Olivet Discourse, then I would just read the last few chapters of this book.

Keep on reading!

April 11, 2014

Water Problems - Option #1 - The Solution!

After doing some more research, I found a couple of companies that sell the parts I need; a pump, tank, and soda ash. The pump and tank were purchased online from US Water Systems and the Soda Ash was purchased online from Discount Filter Store. The other miscellaneous parts I could pick up at Lowes.

The total cost for me to install was less than $500. I decided this was the option for me.

I opted for the adjustable feed, 17 gpd Stenner pump and a 35 gallon tank. I installed the pump and wired it to the pressure switch, so when the well pump kicks on, the injector pump kicks on and adds the soda ash solution to the water line before the pressure tank.

The project took me longer than I anticipated, but I didn't really have a lot of time in one block to dedicate to the install. Of course, I had a few leaky pipes along the way, but it all seems to be working well now.

I used about 7, 8 oz liquid measuring cups of soda ash (Neutra 7) to 5 Gallons of water. I retested the water and the pH level is right where it should be. I can either adjust the mixture or the feed rate if the pH needs to increase or decrease based upon water conditions.

Overall, this wasn't a hard project and I saved myself almost $500 and hopefully no more broken pipes!

Mission Accomplished!

April 10, 2014

Water Problems - Option #3 - Culligan & Local Company

The second company to test my water and give me a recommendation/quote was Culligan. The salesman tested the water and said the only problem was the pH level. The water is too acidic. Of course, I know this already, but I am ready for his sales pitch.

His solution was to install a Soda Ash feeder using a Pulsafeeder pump. Total cost was about $950 installed.

This solution sounded much more reasonable, but I wondered if a local, not a national company could give me a better price.

I contacted a third company, the same company who drilled the well for me, and they gave me a quote over the phone for about $1500. They wanted to sell me some other type of system that neutralizes the acid, but makes the water hard, so I would need a water softener as well.

After two quotes I decided the Soda Ash Injection System was the way to go.

Now, the question became: Can I install this system cheaper?

Find out tomorrow.....

April 09, 2014

Water Problems - Option #3 - Kinetico

As mentioned in my previous post, we have acidic water. The simple solution to solve acid water is to add soda ash or some other chemical to increase the pH level.

I decided to get some quotes from companies to see if this is a project worth doing myself or just have a professional install the system.

The first company to give me a recommendation to fix the problem sells Kinetico equipment. The sales person tested the water for all kinds of stuff and the main problem was.....acidic water. Of course, he still gave me this hour long sales pitch/demo of how great their products are.

I was quoted for a Soda Ash injection system (using a Stenner pump), two sediment filters, and a water conditioner (this was optional, but he recommended it and most people get it). The filters are $14.75 each and would need to be changed about every 2-3 months and 6-8 months. The pump tube should be changed every 6 months at $16.49. Finally a bag of soda ash is about $50 and I would probably need one or two of those per year. Of course, he also recommended a drinking water system for the kitchen sink. Total initial cost for the system was about $6,000!

I was stunned. I know I can replace all of the copper in the house for less than $6,000. The house is less than 10 years old and uses mostly pex plumbing. The only copper is a little bit in the basement and the fixtures.

Maybe the next company will have something better to say! Check back tomorrow for more!

April 08, 2014

Water Problems - Broken Pipe

About two months ago, I entered the house and heard some water running. I want back to the bathroom to find a hole in the pipe to the faucet. I shut the water off and accessed the damage. Most of the water ran down the pipe into the basement, where there was a floor drain so the clean up was pretty easy.

I went back upstairs and removed the fixture. I noticed some greenish blue tarnish on the copper plumbing, but didn't see how a hole could get punched into the copper line.

The faucet is a MOEN so I called the company and they sent me a replacement within a few days. I also asked them to send me 4 new drain stoppers since all of the other ones in the house were broke.

The installation of the new faucet was pretty easy and only took about 15 minutes. Project done, but I was still wondering how this happened. I did some research and it looks like acidic water can eat through copper plumbing.

I knew we had acidic water, but didn't realize how bad it really was. The next day, I purchased an aquarium pH tester from Wal*Mart. Sure enough, our water was acidic, about a 5 on the scale, 7 is neutral.

Now the question is, what to do?

Option #1 - replace all of the copper plumbing pipe in the house.
Option #2 - install a water Neutralizing system.
Option #3 - have someone else install a water Neutralizing system.

I decided to start with getting quotes for Option #3. Check back tomorrow to continue the adventure.