April 11, 2014

Water Problems - Option #1 - The Solution!

After doing some more research, I found a couple of companies that sell the parts I need; a pump, tank, and soda ash. The pump and tank were purchased online from US Water Systems and the Soda Ash was purchased online from Discount Filter Store. The other miscellaneous parts I could pick up at Lowes.

The total cost for me to install was less than $500. I decided this was the option for me.

I opted for the adjustable feed, 17 gpd Stenner pump and a 35 gallon tank. I installed the pump and wired it to the pressure switch, so when the well pump kicks on, the injector pump kicks on and adds the soda ash solution to the water line before the pressure tank.

The project took me longer than I anticipated, but I didn't really have a lot of time in one block to dedicate to the install. Of course, I had a few leaky pipes along the way, but it all seems to be working well now.

I used about 7, 8 oz liquid measuring cups of soda ash (Neutra 7) to 5 Gallons of water. I retested the water and the pH level is right where it should be. I can either adjust the mixture or the feed rate if the pH needs to increase or decrease based upon water conditions.

Overall, this wasn't a hard project and I saved myself almost $500 and hopefully no more broken pipes!

Mission Accomplished!

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