December 19, 2008

Book Review

Power Healing by John Wimber

This book looks at the power of healing. It begins by looking at the reasons why Jesus healed people. Then it moves on to examine what things Jesus healed. Finally, the author discusses how Jesus heals today.

Make no mistake the author writes about an active charismatic type of healing, not just passive prayer to God for healing. The author describes many different experiences of healings and even provides a model to start the practice of healings. The model involves not just healing physical illnesses, but also mental and emotional illnesses as well as casting out evil spirits.

For example, according to the author, the procedure to cast out a demon is to identify the spirit, silence the spirit, and then cast out the spirit. The process for healing someone is through prayer before, during, and after the healing. It also can involve the laying on of hands.

To me this book was not what I was looking for. Does God heal people today? Yes! Does He heal charismatically like the way the author describes? Maybe, He has the power to do so if He chooses.

This book does not convince me that anyone can heal nor does it convince me these charismatic gifts are still in widespread use by God today.

Overall this is a good book for learning more about the power of healing through God.