June 03, 2015

Book Review

Thoughts for Men on the Move by Warren W. Wiersbe

This book contains over 140 pages of daily readings/meditations on select portions of Scripture. Each reading starts with a Scripture verse or verses for you to lookup and read. Then there is a heading for the topic of the day. Finally, there is the author's thoughts about the topic of the day.

This is a good daily devotional book and the author has many fine comments on various topics, however, the book is not what I expecting. The title made me believe this book would be geared toward the active working man. Upon reading the book I found very few that were specifically geared toward men, let alone a busy husband, father, son, and employee.

Certainly, the devotions are good and I recommend this book, however, if you are looking for a devotional book to help a busy man, then this is probably not the book for you.