January 28, 2010

Kiplinger's Magazine Update

I received in the mail yesterday a "letter" from Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine telling me that my subscription has expired. But if I act before January 28th I can still renew at the "special" rate of $14.97 for one year, $26.97 for two years, or $37.97 for three years.

As my readers here know, I have already resubscribed for $8.97 for one year. It just so happens that I also got my first issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine that I subscribed to for $8.97.

They also gave me the opportunity to extend that subscription for another year at the cost of only $8.97.

I think I will drop my extended subscription check in the mail this afternoon!


January 04, 2010

Book Review

Truth for Today by John MacArthur

This is a daily devotional book. Each month has a particular theme or topic to it.

Each day has a small portion of Scripture and a brief thought about it. This is MacArthur's third daily devotional book.

In my opinion this book is not as good as the first two. This book is very basic and lacks the depth of his other two devotionals.

I suspect this book is marketed more as a gift book to introduce someone to MacArthur's teachings.

Overall, this devotional can be skipped by the people who like the in-depth teaching of MacArthur.