July 19, 2010

Schick Injector Razor

As noted in my previous post, the Schick Injector razor experiment was not going so well.

After only 4 shaves I decided to abandon this razor. It was pure torture.

The razor itself was not comfortable to use. Part of the problem could be the fact that the blade was a cheap private label version.

The razor would not cut close at all even on my cheeks. But somehow it would cut me. It was not a fun process.

My rating is 25% - that is about all that it would cut - it just didn't work.

I switched back to my old Bic Comfort 3 that I still haven't thrown out (yeah the dull used one) and it worked 10 times better! I will be switching to the final Bic Comfort 3 that I have for the rest of the month and will pick up in August with a new 5 blade razor! Now that sounds dangerous.

July 14, 2010

Old Fasioned Safety Razor

My next adventure in shaving involved an Old Fashioned Gillette safety razor using a Wilkinson Sword Blade.

I must say shaving with this type of razor is very different than the usual razors that I am used to. I was impressed with the very first shave or at least part of it.

It shaved the sides of my face (cheeks) very close and smooth. The rest of the areas of my face were not so good. I tired various angles and directions, but none seemed to help very much. I was constantly cutting my face.

I think the problem was more the razor than the blade. The head was too big and it didn't seem to want to get into all those tight spots and groves without hacking away chunks of my skin.

Needless to say it wasn't a fun experience, so after 7 days of that I had to move on. It was like torture.

The blades are about $5 for 10. The razor was given to me, but from what I can tell it is about a 1930's model that currently sells for about $25.

The razor also had an "old metal" smell that I didn't particularly like.

So my grade is: 50% - it just couldn't pass my rigorous testing methods.

Up next is a Schick Injector razor - SPOILER - after only 3 days it doesn't look good either.

July 01, 2010

Bic Comfort 3 Advanced Razor

My first attempt at a close, smooth, clean, easy shave was two months of using a disposable razor. I had a pack of the Bic Comfort 3 Advanced razor, so I thought I would see what happened.

To be honest I wasn't expecting much from a "cheap" disposable razor, however, I was a little surprised. The razors cost about $1.25 each. You can often times find coupons to lower the price even more.

My goal was to shave with this type of razor for two months and evaluate the results. Again, part of my evaluation involves using the same razor or blade for the entire month before changing razors or blades.

The first week of shaves for both months were kind of painful, lots of cuts. The razors seemed to be super sharp or something. The middle two weeks were actually not too bad. There were minimal cuts and the shave was pretty close and comfortable. The final week got a little rough again. The blade was tugging at the hairs and the blade seemed dull or something.

Overall, I would rate the razor with about a 70%. They worked okay for the price, but it wasn't too enjoyable the first and last week for me.

Up next is an old fashioned safety razor.