July 19, 2010

Schick Injector Razor

As noted in my previous post, the Schick Injector razor experiment was not going so well.

After only 4 shaves I decided to abandon this razor. It was pure torture.

The razor itself was not comfortable to use. Part of the problem could be the fact that the blade was a cheap private label version.

The razor would not cut close at all even on my cheeks. But somehow it would cut me. It was not a fun process.

My rating is 25% - that is about all that it would cut - it just didn't work.

I switched back to my old Bic Comfort 3 that I still haven't thrown out (yeah the dull used one) and it worked 10 times better! I will be switching to the final Bic Comfort 3 that I have for the rest of the month and will pick up in August with a new 5 blade razor! Now that sounds dangerous.

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