July 14, 2010

Old Fasioned Safety Razor

My next adventure in shaving involved an Old Fashioned Gillette safety razor using a Wilkinson Sword Blade.

I must say shaving with this type of razor is very different than the usual razors that I am used to. I was impressed with the very first shave or at least part of it.

It shaved the sides of my face (cheeks) very close and smooth. The rest of the areas of my face were not so good. I tired various angles and directions, but none seemed to help very much. I was constantly cutting my face.

I think the problem was more the razor than the blade. The head was too big and it didn't seem to want to get into all those tight spots and groves without hacking away chunks of my skin.

Needless to say it wasn't a fun experience, so after 7 days of that I had to move on. It was like torture.

The blades are about $5 for 10. The razor was given to me, but from what I can tell it is about a 1930's model that currently sells for about $25.

The razor also had an "old metal" smell that I didn't particularly like.

So my grade is: 50% - it just couldn't pass my rigorous testing methods.

Up next is a Schick Injector razor - SPOILER - after only 3 days it doesn't look good either.


Tuned In said...

Actually, with the old safety razors, it's more a matter of technique and slowing down than it is to do with the razor. Plus it looked like yours has an open comb for a guard instead of a bar, and those combs are painful. And it's the same with the Injector. Technique more than anything else. They're not Mach 3's, so you can't exactly shave at a fast, hurried pace. Just give them another try, or maybe just mail me the Injector.

Wesley Matthews said...

Thanks for the comment. You are right indeed, it is about technique and finding what works. Most of the razors today work marginally good with any technique.

I actually gave the Injector and safety razor to my brother. I'm not sure if he used them or what.

Md Jasim said...

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