October 08, 2012

Book Review

Surviving in an Angry World by Charles Stanley

The goal of this book is to help people deal with anger. This includes their own anger as well as anger from others that is directed toward them. The book goes beyond helping people merely survive in an angry world and encourages them to live as peaceably a life as possible.

The book essentially answers the question of "How should we deal with anger in ourselves and respond to it in others?"

Stanley does a good job of answering that question based upon biblical values. In my opinion, he does not use enough Scripture to support his statements, rather he relies on personal stories instead.

While I agree with most of the author's ideas and suggestions, I was hoping for more examples from Scripture and less stories from Stanley's life.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone (christian or non-christian) who is struggling with their anger or with ways of responding to others anger.

October 01, 2012

Gillette Custom Plus 3 Sensitive

Continuing my quest for the best shave, I tested out the Gillette Custom Plus 3 Sensitive disposable razor for the past two months. I really could have stopped after only one month because it is the same as the Sensor 3 disposable razor from Gillette.

I decided to contact Gillette to find out what the difference is between the Custom Plus 3 and the Sensor 3. I also asked if they would fit on the Sensor handle. Here is the response:

"Thank you for contacting Gillette.

The only difference between they are two different products and the Sensor3 Sensitive Skin disposable razor has more lubrication on the lubrastrip. These systems are disposable and they do not fit on to any of our permanent razor systems.

I hope this helps."

I think I failed to mention in my original email that the Custom Plus 3 was also the "sensitive" model. So, therefore, there is no difference between the Custom Plus 3 and the Sensor 3, except of course for the price. The Custom Plus 3 are a little cheaper than the Sensor 3, about $.05 per razor. Not a significant difference.

Also, even though the Gillette representative states the razors do not fit on to any of their permanent razor systems, she is wrong. They both fit nicely onto the Sensor handle.

I stocked up when Gillette had a few $2.00 off coupons so I will be good for a while, but up next are some BIC Flex 3 that I picked up for about $0.50 a razor. I will report back in two months after the testing is completed.