May 30, 2013

Shadow Adventures - Memorial Day Ride

I was fortunate enough to go for another, longer ride on Memorial day. This ride was about 30 miles and formed a circle through 7 or 8 small towns. There was no traffic on these roads and it was an excellent time to continue to build my riding confidence level. I really enjoyed all of the smells from the cookouts everyone was having.

On the way home, I ended up riding by Duman Park again, so I stopped to snap a picture.

There were several campers and many families fishing at the lake.

Overall, it was a great ride. 

I purchased some pledge multi-surface wipes to clean the bike after every ride to keep it looking good. I also noticed there was no coolant in the overflow reservoir, so I'll need to check that before the next trip.

Until the next time.....

May 27, 2013

Shadow Adventures - First Ride

After a week of sitting on my motorcycle in the garage, I finally got to take it for a ride on Saturday. The weather was sunny, but cool. Around 60 degrees with a 15 to 20 mph wind. My first stop was to get the bike inspected.

After the inspection, I decided to get some practice in on the back roads. It didn't take long to find the sweet spot on the clutch. I decided to cruise to a local county park. I did a drive through and turned around to head home using a different route. Round trip it was about 12 miles or so.

I pulled into the driveway and was telling my brother all about the excitement of the ride. He walked over to my bike and said "What happened to your cover?" I looked and the side cover that holds the manual was missing.

I was not too happy. I thought maybe I just left it off when I took the manual out to read it. So down to the garage. Nothing there. I decide to head back out and retrace my ride. I get to the park and turn around. On my way back I find my cover sitting in the middle of the road.

I pulled off and grabbed the cover. It was scratched up, but otherwise okay. As I am putting the cover back into place another biker approaches. When he gets to about 25 feet away he guns his bike and takes off. What an idiot.

I return home and tell my story to everyone, but I am sure they are already sick of hearing about my biking adventures! So my 12 mile ride turned into about 25 miles! The adventure continues.

May 26, 2013

Shadow Adventures

Last week I picked up my first street motorcycle. It is a 2001 Honda Shadow with about 13,000 miles on it. The bike is in great shape and I think I got a pretty good deal on it as well. Riding it home was pretty nerve racking once I got to the main highway, but I had my brother following behind me to keep traffic back. I made it home successfully.

I thought I would start sharing my motorcycling adventures on my blog as well. This way everyone gets to share in the joy of a motorcycle ride.