February 20, 2008


AAA and I have been playing a game now for several years.

My wife got a gift membership to AAA several years ago when she first started driving. I renewed it a couple of times, but we determined that we didn't really need it or use it.

Then they raised their membership fee, so I decided to cancel it. When I didn't renew a few months later they offered me a deal. I could have two people for the price of one, so I renewed.

Toward the end of the membership year, they gave me a free upgrade to their premium membership. Of course I took it. When the year membership payment came I decided to cancel especially since the cost of the premium membership was much more.

Over the next few months they sent letters inviting me back, but I never responded because the price was the same, no good deal.

A few months later a representative called me. I told her I would sign up if she gave me a good deal. She said they never give deals out. The price is what it is. No deals. I told her the only reason I was a member was because of the deal they gave me in the first place. She again stated that they do not give out deals.

I told her I will wait to renew my membership when they send me a deal. She again made the comment that they do not have deals or specials for memberships.

Well, yesterday I got the deal in the mail. Two memberships for the price of one! Of course, I mailed the check in today to sign up for the deal that they never have!

$47 for the two of us in any car we are in! That is a pretty good deal. Considereing I drive a vehicle that has many broken or inoperable parts to it, I will probably be using their towing service sometime this year!

February 12, 2008

The fun continues....

Several weeks ago we had a "flood" at work. A pipe leaked and before they could shut off the water there was several inches in the lower level. Lots of paper work, computers, and other equipment was damaged.

After things were cleaned up, it stunk for a while. Many people were complaining of the smell, so they brought an air quality specialist in to evaluate the air for mold and things. The air was determined to be "acceptable" whatever that means.

Then a few days later we noticed these little fleas all over the place. They were pretty annoying and finally management could no longer ignore the problem.

You would think all of the carpeting and tile would be removed and replaced to get rid of the smell, bugs, or other "bad" stuff. But no.

Today, I come in and see two bug zappers installed on the lower level!