February 20, 2008


AAA and I have been playing a game now for several years.

My wife got a gift membership to AAA several years ago when she first started driving. I renewed it a couple of times, but we determined that we didn't really need it or use it.

Then they raised their membership fee, so I decided to cancel it. When I didn't renew a few months later they offered me a deal. I could have two people for the price of one, so I renewed.

Toward the end of the membership year, they gave me a free upgrade to their premium membership. Of course I took it. When the year membership payment came I decided to cancel especially since the cost of the premium membership was much more.

Over the next few months they sent letters inviting me back, but I never responded because the price was the same, no good deal.

A few months later a representative called me. I told her I would sign up if she gave me a good deal. She said they never give deals out. The price is what it is. No deals. I told her the only reason I was a member was because of the deal they gave me in the first place. She again stated that they do not give out deals.

I told her I will wait to renew my membership when they send me a deal. She again made the comment that they do not have deals or specials for memberships.

Well, yesterday I got the deal in the mail. Two memberships for the price of one! Of course, I mailed the check in today to sign up for the deal that they never have!

$47 for the two of us in any car we are in! That is a pretty good deal. Considereing I drive a vehicle that has many broken or inoperable parts to it, I will probably be using their towing service sometime this year!

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