March 03, 2008

Another Month - some more good deals

Wow, only two posts for me in February, that is pretty bad. It was an especially busy month and there wasn't much time to get my work done, let along sit around and think about what to write here.

Anyways, after getting the good deal on AAA I thought I would pass along some other "games" I play with companies. I currently get quite a few magazines each month (Kiplingers, Popular Mechanics, Money, WorkBench, SmartMoney, and so on). I refuse to pay more than $10.00 a year for a subscription.

So I let the subscription run out and then a few months go by and they give me a deal for $10 to renew for another year. Then after I renew they send me another deal, extend your subscription now another year for only $10. So I do.

I know, this isn't the most creative blog I've had, but I wanted to pass along the information to others, this way everyone can benefit.

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