March 14, 2008

Lady Bugs

Something fun for Friday.

It seems like when the weather warms a little bit we get hundreds of Lady Bugs all throughout the house. I am sure many of you have similar problems.

Today, I am looking for solutions to the problem. I am not a fan of pesticides or other toxic chemicals so those are not options.

I figure they should be attracted to something like a yellow jacket trap or sticky tape or something.

If I can’t find a way to kill them, then I will probably look for recipes to enjoy them for a light snack. I think they would make an interesting addition to a vanilla ice cream cone! Or may a party with those chocolate fountains.

A quick search of the internet finds things like, LadyBug Salad, LadyBug CupCakes, and LadyBug Drinks. Of course, none of the ingredients actually includes Lady Bugs.

Any thoughts, suggestions or solutions to the Lady Bug infestation?

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