March 22, 2008

Johnstown makes the NY Times again!

The Johnstown area made the NY Times news paper once again.

The article talks about the voters of this town and how they aren't sure who they will vote for or why beause the steel mills are closed and the coal mines are closing too. You can read the article at the above link if interested. Below is my response to the author:

In the Heart of Pennsylvania!

The people of Johnstown always seem to amaze me. Not sure who they are going to vote for, because the steel mills and coal mines are closed and the economy is down. Too bad. I can't seem to find many blacksmiths around the area either!

It is also amazing how none of the people in your article mentioned the Pork King Murtha and how he has brought millions and millions of dollars into the area ($162 million last year!). Sure the downtown area is rather depressed, but the surrounding area has grown, thanks to Murtha and the taxpayers around the nation.

The people of Johnstown need to wake up and stop looking for a handout and start working on their own. Johnstown was "something" at one point in time and can be something again if the people are willing to work for it! Once Murtha is no longer in office, I suspect Johnstown and the surrounding area will be in worse shape when that "pork" money is suddenly gone.

Thanks for the article. It is nice to see smaller towns get in the big papers!

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