March 04, 2008

Another Good Deal!

As many of you know, I am the ultimate cheapskate. However, there is a point where being cheap can also be hazardous to your health! My 1997 Tracker was a good vehicle, but the problems were mounting and I was going to have a nice sized repair bill before the inspection in May. Plus the vehicle didn’t seem to handle the road well when those coal trucks would go flying by me at 90MPH! I was blow off the road into a ditch more than once.

A couple of Saturday’s ago, I decided I wanted to test drive a new Suzuki SX4 Crossover. My requirements for a new vehicle were simple: cheap, 4wd/awd, reasonably fuel efficient, automatic, and cheap. Oh and did I mention cheap.

We head to the local dealership and test one out. The sales lady was ready to sell us a car that day. I just wanted to test drive one. We play the game and give the sales lady our time and attention. They try to sell me the vehicle for $15,200 with my trade-in. I just smile and say no. Then she lowers the price and keeps lowering it until she gets to $13,500. I told her to check with her managers to see if she can sell it for that low.

An hour later she comes back with $14,500. I said no and am ready to leave, but can’t because she has my car keys! That was a sneaky little tactic that I learned. She goes back and talks to the managers again. This time, he comes out and says “Can you give me $500 and go $14,000.”

Nope, $13,500 was the max I was paying for that car if they were going to sell it to me. 30 minutes later the manager comes back and says “You got it.” It took about another hour to complete the deal, but I think it was well worth it.

We got the base model, Azure Gray, automatic, A/C, abs, power everything, and awd. Not bad for $13,500, financed at 4.74% for 3 years.

I did some Internet searching and have not found anyone getting this vehicle for less than $14,200, so I think I did indeed get a deal. I guess it is true, go car shopping when you don’t need one and make sure it is the last Saturday of the month!

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