March 24, 2008

No TV - Here we come!

I tried out a analog to digital signal converter to see what will happen next February when all the stations go digital. I only got one channel! So I decided to send the nice folks at the FCC an e-mail. I'll post any response I may get from them.


I live in rural Pennsylvania and am concerned about the mandatory “upgrade” to the digital broadcasting system in February of 2009.

Currently I receive the follow channels with my outdoor antenna:
KDKA – CBS (channel 2)
WTAE – ABC (channel 4)
WJAC – NBC (channel 6)
WWCP – FOX (channel 8)
WTAJ – CBS (channel 10)

When I installed the analog to digital converter I was only able to get channel 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3 (WJAC – NBC). This is the station that is located closest to me as well.

I believe all of the stations are currently broadcasting in digital format as well as the analog standard.

Does this mean next February I will no longer have access to these other stations or will they be able to boost their power so us rural people will not be forced into purchasing satellite TV (which I will not do)?

It seems strange, that if this is an “update” that I would actually LOOSE my ability to watch TV even after making the necessary updates to my TV with the converter box!
Thanks for any help you can provide.

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