March 25, 2008

Heating Season is Over!

Each week the price of oil and propane are released by the US Government Energy Information Administration Department.

I routinely monitor these prices to gauge what the price of heating oil will cost me for a fill up. I have about a ¼ of a tank left, so I will be ordering some fuel oil soon. I went to the website and to my surprise I see the following message:

"The Heating Season is Over"

What? It was 20 degrees yesterday morning and 18 degrees outside this morning. The heating season is over? I guess the government forgot to tell Pennsylvania this important information.

What can you expect from the government though. They get a little mixed up sometimes. Just like Hilliary’s recollection of her trip to Bosnia 12 years ago. They ran for cover according to her, but the video shows them chatting with people and shaking hands!

Oh well. Hopefully, next year we will have a pellet stove installed and keep our house a little warmer at a lower cost.

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