February 12, 2008

The fun continues....

Several weeks ago we had a "flood" at work. A pipe leaked and before they could shut off the water there was several inches in the lower level. Lots of paper work, computers, and other equipment was damaged.

After things were cleaned up, it stunk for a while. Many people were complaining of the smell, so they brought an air quality specialist in to evaluate the air for mold and things. The air was determined to be "acceptable" whatever that means.

Then a few days later we noticed these little fleas all over the place. They were pretty annoying and finally management could no longer ignore the problem.

You would think all of the carpeting and tile would be removed and replaced to get rid of the smell, bugs, or other "bad" stuff. But no.

Today, I come in and see two bug zappers installed on the lower level!


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