January 30, 2008

Did you hear what he said?

Probably not! Because it never really made the mainstream news!

Ed Rendell was a phone guest last week on KDKA’s talk radio with Marty Griffin. Griffin asked Rendell about removing the “Drink Tax” in Allegheny County. Rendell said there would be no guarantee repealing Act 44 will eliminate some of the other taxes like that. It depends upon the amount of revenue generated from other alternatives, like leasing the turnpike, tolling I-80, etc.

The “Drink Tax” is a tax in Allegheny County where poured drinks are taxed. There has been some concern about loss of business for bars and other places where alcoholic beverages are consumed.

Rendell basically said not to worry about it because the county can do what Philadelphia did when they enacted a poured drink tax. That concept was called “selective enforcement.”

Griffin asks, “What do you mean?”

Rendell replies, “We don't quite enforce in the neighborhood taverns as well as we do in the big hotels and restaurants.”

Griffin responds, “You look the other way, sir?”

Rendell replies, “You can say that.”

After that, Rendell did mention the uniformity clause in the Constitution that says taxes must be applied to everyone in the group equally. So he does know what the law says, he simply chooses not to obey it. Listen to it for yourself here.

Similar to when his drivers were allowed to speed on the PA Turnpike. The laws don’t apply to him.

Yep, that is our governor! Wait till you see what he does in Washington D.C.

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