January 14, 2008

Price Matching!

We are all familiar with the “Price Matching” guarantees of today. All of the big stores will match competitors ads for the same product. However, often times the ad will be for a television that is essentially the same, except the manufacture has changed the model number slightly. This gets the stores out of the price match.

Most stores also honor their online prices in the store as well. Tractor Supply Co, however, does not.

I needed a hitch pin for my snowplow and researched it online, because sometimes when I am in the tractor store I get side tracked. I took the printout in and got the part I needed. Online the part was $8.95 and in the store it was $9.40. I took the printout to the cash register and asked if they honor their online advertised price, she said no. I figured it wasn’t worth arguing about, especially since the cashier didn’t seem like she even wanted to be there.

People like to complain about Wal*Mart, but there is currently no place that has a better model of business.

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