January 11, 2008

New Ways to Save!

So with the New Year, and of course higher gas prices, we’ve decided to try yet another way to say money.

Many of the “home-economic” guru’s recommend having a “restocking” shopping trip every 2 or 3 weeks as opposed to shopping every week.

Usually we go shopping every week. Last night we decided to do our shopping for two weeks. It is supposed to save you some money.

Last night we spent about 63% of what we would normally spend for two weeks. I am not sure if that is a fluke or if we can expect to see savings like that more often. Plus it takes about a gallon of gas, so that is another $3.19 in savings! The big thing will be my time. Instead of rushing home, eating, and heading out shopping 4 times a month, now I will only need to do it twice a month.

I’ll report back on the status of the experiment sometime next month.

In other financial matters, I was informed by a reliable source that Wal*mart was selling Ocean Spray cranberry juice cheaper than the Great Value brand of cranberry juice. Sure enough, the Ocean Spray brand was like $2.33 and Great Value was like $2.50 or something. I couldn’t believe it. Then when I looked at the back of the container I see why. Ocean Spray contains only 15% juice whereas Great Value contains 25% juice.

I then decided to compare the 100% juice and Great Value was indeed cheaper than Ocean Spray.

The point of the story, you need to look at more than price to see what you are really getting.

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