January 18, 2008

Political Poll

The Franklin & Marshall College Poll was released the other day and I wanted to update my readers with the latest.

As most of you are probably aware, I don’t usually pay much attention to the polls, in fact I find them more amusing than anything.

For example, one of the questions was:
“Regardless of the political party and candidate you support, do you think that a Republican or a Democrat will win the presidential election in November?”

Well, yes, I do think either a Republican or a Democrat will win the presidential election in November! The response they got (and were looking for) was 63% Dem and 22% Rep.

The question I found interesting was the people’s perception of the candidates.

“Which presidential candidate can best be described as…

Representing change – Obama
Most Experienced – Clinton
Traditional Values – Huckabee
Honest & Trustworthy – Clinton
Best Chance to Win – Clinton”

I can see why Obama represents change and Huckabee represents traditional values and maybe it would be a toss-up between Clinton and McCain on most experienced, but honest and trustworthy! Clinton would be dead last in my book! Although, she did only get 16%, 30% went to None or Don’t know!

It is amazing how the perception of each candidate has already played out in people’s minds.

I for one am not impressed with any of the leading candidates. Let’s hope something changes before November.

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