January 24, 2008

Mismanagement All Around

I have said it before and am saying it again. People often times cause their own problems. In the case of a city or organization it is usually the leaders that create problems.

Pittsburgh has been in some bad shape financially for some time. The Penguins owed a bunch of money to their star player, so they just gave him the team. He ran it further into the ground, now the city and state are building a new arena for them! Amazing.

The Steelers and Pirates shared a stadium for 30 years, then it was decided they each needed their own stadium. Of course the old stadium still wasn’t completely paid for!

What has been the major problem? Of course mismanagement, but also labor unions. They have had and continue to have quite an influence in western Pennsylvania.

Here is an article from a columnist at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review about the troubles of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is in some bad shape and getting worse. I have not seen or heard of any plans that are even remotely close to addressing the issues. The Chief Executive and Mayor are teamed up and working hard to continue the wasteful spending and abuse of power. Par for the course, I guess.

The people of Pittsburgh and Allegheny county need to wake up and realize what has happened and what continues to happen. Of course, the likely hood of that happening are slim to none. I suspect the situation will get so bad the state will need to step in and provide massive financial assistance and oversight. Of course, this will be at a cost to all tax payers of the commonwealth!



Anonymous said...

The Penguins are in first place this year and undoubtley make the playoffs, the Steelers had another great year and look to be a winning team next season so we just have to hold our breath for the pirates!!! they are all revenue generators but I agree the money needs to be spent on necessities, fire/rescue, teachers,law enforcement and adequate roadways

Wesley Matthews said...

Indeed, the sports teams do bring in revenue to the area, but it makes no sense to bring revenue in if there is still no profit for the city or even break-even!

I suspect the Steelers would have brought in almost as much revenue in Three Rivers Stadium, without the additional cost.

Money needs to be spent on the necessities of the city before the luxury items.