January 25, 2008

Christianity in America

I just finished looking at a map that shows each county in the United States and the leading church bodies of that area. You can check out the map for yourself here.

The map looks really impressive, Catholic and Baptist being the two major church establishments. (Except of course for the west (Latter-Day-Saints) and north-central (Lutheran). After looking at the map someone could say, “Wow! America must really be a Christian nation.”

The statistics from a religious survey seem to concur. It shows that about 76% of American’s identify with some form of Christianity. You can check out the survey for yourself at Trinity College.

If these surveys are correct or at least close to being accurate, then you should be able to enter a church on Sunday and would have trouble finding a seat, right? That is very rarely the case at most Churches, I’m sure.

American’s like to claim the Christian heritage without all the "hassle" of actually having to act like a Christian! It seems to me there are going to be about 200 million American’s that are in for a big surprise when their day comes! Don’t be one of those people.

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