January 29, 2008

Evangelism Explosion

I finished reading “Evangelism Explosion” by D. James Kennedy this weekend. This book reads more like a textbook or instruction manual than a helpful guide.

My first impression of the book was that of some type of brainwashing cult membership propaganda. However, the message of the book is true to the Word, so I’ll equate the book with a door-to-door type salesman approach instead.

While I believe the methods of this book can work, it is NOT the only way to evangelize to others and this style of evangelism is not for all people.

I do like the two main questions the book tells you to ask the people you are evangelizing too.

  1. If you were to die tonight, do you know for sure where you will go?
  2. If God were to ask you “Why should I let you in to Heaven?” what would you say?

I think the second question can really speak volumes about what the person knows about salvation.

The “sales” approach presented in the book then says something like, “Coming here today, I thought I had some good news for you, now after hearing your answers, I know I have some great news!”

In my opinion, this book is not worth purchasing, however, if you find it in a library or garage sale it is worth at least a skim through to provide some ideas or ways for you to help with your evangelism.

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Billiam said...

I have an atheist friend, and we were discussing my Faith one afternoon. He knows my whole story, about dying twice and everything. I looked at him, smiled and said the following. If I'm wrong, I'll just be worm food when I die. If I'm right, you'll be real sorry, and I'll miss you. He gave me a wierd look, but couldn't say anything...