January 15, 2008

Watch out Johnstown

Yesterday, the New York Times ran an editorial about "The Pork King” John Murtha.

It is amazing the extent of his ability to get money for the Johnstown area. He keeps piling it on, creating new organizations to funnel money through. His goal is to bring money to the area and he does a good job of it, unfortunately it is at the cost of all taxpayers.

No doubt the money has (temporarily) helped Johnstown and the people of the area. But, what happens when Murtha is gone and the money runs out? There will be massive closings and lay-offs in the Johnstown area and it will be worse than before.

The people of CTC and other organizations are used to making good money, say an administrative assistant making $27,000 whereas in “normal” jobs for the area an administrative assistant might make $18,000 to $20,000 or less.

What is going to happen? It will be like when the mines or steel mills shut down. Those laborers were making good money and didn’t want to work for less money at another job.

Wake up and be prepared for the future Johnstown!

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