April 09, 2014

Water Problems - Option #3 - Kinetico

As mentioned in my previous post, we have acidic water. The simple solution to solve acid water is to add soda ash or some other chemical to increase the pH level.

I decided to get some quotes from companies to see if this is a project worth doing myself or just have a professional install the system.

The first company to give me a recommendation to fix the problem sells Kinetico equipment. The sales person tested the water for all kinds of stuff and the main problem was.....acidic water. Of course, he still gave me this hour long sales pitch/demo of how great their products are.

I was quoted for a Soda Ash injection system (using a Stenner pump), two sediment filters, and a water conditioner (this was optional, but he recommended it and most people get it). The filters are $14.75 each and would need to be changed about every 2-3 months and 6-8 months. The pump tube should be changed every 6 months at $16.49. Finally a bag of soda ash is about $50 and I would probably need one or two of those per year. Of course, he also recommended a drinking water system for the kitchen sink. Total initial cost for the system was about $6,000!

I was stunned. I know I can replace all of the copper in the house for less than $6,000. The house is less than 10 years old and uses mostly pex plumbing. The only copper is a little bit in the basement and the fixtures.

Maybe the next company will have something better to say! Check back tomorrow for more!

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