April 10, 2014

Water Problems - Option #3 - Culligan & Local Company

The second company to test my water and give me a recommendation/quote was Culligan. The salesman tested the water and said the only problem was the pH level. The water is too acidic. Of course, I know this already, but I am ready for his sales pitch.

His solution was to install a Soda Ash feeder using a Pulsafeeder pump. Total cost was about $950 installed.

This solution sounded much more reasonable, but I wondered if a local, not a national company could give me a better price.

I contacted a third company, the same company who drilled the well for me, and they gave me a quote over the phone for about $1500. They wanted to sell me some other type of system that neutralizes the acid, but makes the water hard, so I would need a water softener as well.

After two quotes I decided the Soda Ash Injection System was the way to go.

Now, the question became: Can I install this system cheaper?

Find out tomorrow.....

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