September 12, 2007

They Don’t Call Him Fast Eddie for Nothing!

Norman Hsu, a major Democratic party fundraiserer, also gave some money to our great governor, Ed Rendell. At first Gov. Rendell was not going to return the money (even Hillary Clinton was going to return the money she got from Hsu – that tells you how low Governor Rendell really is). However, after Mr. Hsu skipped out on bail and was caught (again) the great governor decided to donate the almost $40,000 to charity. What a great guy! I guess that is why they call him Fast Eddie; he can change his tune real quick.

Hsu is a criminal. Rendell is one of his buddies. What does that tell you? I wonder how many other criminals Rendell regularly associates with (besides the other legislators of course)?

You can read more about this "latest" scandel at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

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