September 25, 2007

Quiz Today!


What should you do as an employee of a company that is losing not only market share to foreign companies, but is also losing money?

A) Ignore it, because it is management’s problem, not yours.

B) Work harder and smarter to help reduce costs so your job is not eliminated by plant closings and layoffs.

C) Demand more money and benefits and then go on strike when management does not give you those benefits.

The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it? Well, at least obvious to people with a little common sense.

American workers, both “blue” and “white” collar workers, need to get rid of the “greed” mentality in order to be competitive in a global marketplace. Greed hurts yourself as much as it hurts others. Greed is good for no one!

Be content with what you have. Ignore what the people next door have. Enjoy what you have been given.

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