September 13, 2007

Flag Ban at School

A school in North Carolina banned the wearing of “items with flags from any country, including the United States.” See NBC17 for the full story.

The article drew quite a few comments, most outraged at the fact that the students could not wear “flag” clothing. The comments call the administrators at the school “gutless” and should be fired. One person was ashamed of his state because of the school rule. A former serviceman said he would not have removed the colors off him or his kids without a fight. Mostly though it was the liberals and political correctness being blamed for the ban.

Here is my take.

BRAVO to the school district. Wearing the flag on your clothing is not a sign of pride. It shows DISRESPECT toward the flag and toward the country.

Any good Boy Scout will tell you the flag is NEVER to be worn as clothing, unless it is part of a uniform. Don’t believe me? Check out section 8d of the flag code. (It is at the bottom of the web page).

Respect for the flag shows respect for America.

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Wesley Matthews said...

An update:

The school reversed its policy on flag wearing, because only the school board can make dress codes, not the principal.

The article did say the school board will be discussing the issue with their attorney.