September 19, 2007

Worst Issue Ever!

I received the October Issue of Kiplinger Magazine in the mail the other day. This issue was titled "The Green Issue." I wasn't real thrilled and after I stated looking through the issue, pretty much every article was somehow related to being environmentally "green." It was horrible. Below is a letter I sent to the editor.

I was very disappointed with the “Green” Issue of Kiplinger’s magazine (October 2007). There were no articles of interest to me at all. Even the columns I usually enjoy, such as Jeremy Siegel and Knight Kiplinger, provided nothing useful. Oh and the 29 ways to save big around the house: use CFL bulbs, lower the thermostat, original.

You could have really made a “Green” issue by not even wasting the resources to print the “Green” issue!

Hopefully things return to normal next month. I really do enjoy your magazine.

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