September 28, 2007

I’m not kidding.

As many of you are aware Pennsylvania is a struggling state. We have one of the largest and highest paid legislatures, but yet, they cannot seem to fix the problems.

For example, we are faced with higher and higher taxes, yet that money doesn’t really help fix any problems for the state. It seems to simply create more problems.

We have a failing transportation system. There are terrible roads throughout the state. Many bridges received failing grades during their last inspection. We have failure of the mass transit systems, mostly due to outrageous costs require to run them. Let’s not forget that Turnpike Commission too.

We also have a governor that has been a part of several scandals and associates with criminals. Then there is PHEAA, the student loan organization, and the corruption and abuses and misuse of money that has recently became public.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because yesterday, the topic of discussion for the Children and Youth Committee in the Pennsylvania House was……whether or not metal bats should be banned in little league games.

Why worry about trying to fix other problems, like unemployment or child predators or improving schools, when we have these little kids swinging metal bats!

I’m not kidding. This is real!

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