October 02, 2007

Hannah Montana Sold Out!

Many of you have probably heard on the news about the Hannah Montana concert that is scheduled for Pittsburgh. In short, the concert sold out almost immediately. The people who purchased the tickets were scalpers, so little or no tickets were available to the general public when they went on sale.

For a complete story check out the WTAE web site.

Want to teach these scalpers a lesson? Don’t pay their ridicules prices, then they will be stuck with those tickets and lose money. Sure, this one concert won’t put them out of business, but if no one buys from a scalper, then they WILL go out of business eventually.

It is simple economics, supply and demand. Stop demanding the tickets and the price will drop. Of course, the spoiled little brats will still get to go, the greed starts at a young age here in the USA.

For the record, I do not agree with what the scalpers are doing and it is probably illegal and should be dealt with accordingly by the authorities.

Just my thoughts, how about yours?

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