January 20, 2009


As many of my long time readers know, I haven't been watching the news much anymore. I found that I was getting too irritated and agitated at things the liberal media overlooks for its Democratic buddies.

For example, a few years ago the media pretty much demanded Bush to release his college transcripts, which he did. What about Obama? No demand from the media to release his college transcripts. Which isn't a big deal to me, but it is the point of the matter of the liberal bias in the media.

It's not that I don't have ideas for blogs, I have tons of them. In fact, since the media compares Obama to Lincoln and other people, I was working on my own comparison of Barack Obama. Of course mine was going to compare Obama with the anti-Christ and Satan......but why get myself worked up over something I can't change. Here is an interesting post on the comparison of Obama and Lincoln.

I am tired of it and cannot continue to be frustrated by it for the next four years or longer. So my blog postings will be minimal. I will probably only write about the few things that happen more on a local or state scale rather than the federal level.

Besides, when the digital TV conversion takes effect, I will no longer be able to watch TV!

I also set a goal to read one book a month this year, so I will continue to post my reviews of them here as well starting tomorrow.

Just one more thought provoking question before I go:

Have we ever found out for sure if Obama is actually an American by birth, which of course is required to be President of the United States?



Anonymous said...

No I don't think it ever came out that he is in fact a citizen. Which is quite amazing. I can't believe that he would use his full name today getting sworn in. Also are you aware that some member of the black panthers paid for his entire college degree, no one seems to know or care about this as well as actually seeing his transcripts. Its seems this man has been set up for a reason to become president. He was given a lot of things to get here and I am leary of what will become of our country now. I do not trust his intentions and we will see what comes of this. I know i'm starting to build my secure underground bunker.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the digital TV. Why is it not working for you? I know we have two different ones and one works great but I can't get FOX and one I can't get anything. We are actually going to be purchasing one that you put on your roof that is supposed to get all the chanels. I'd suggest taking yours back and trying a different brand, that might make it work.

Wesley Matthews said...

He is not ashamed of his full name, it has been the media that has refused to use it! They don't want anything negative about their hero to be broadcasted.

As for digital TV, I do have the converter boxes, but they only bring in NBC, FOX, and ABC. When the wind blows I loose FOX and ABC.

I have tried a couple of different models with no change. I really won't miss TV at all!

One thing I forgot to mention is the Steelers. They will win the Super Bowl. Why? The Rooney family loves Obama!