August 03, 2009

Book Review

"The Contemporaries Meet the Classics on Prayer" compiled by Leonard Allen.

This book contains many authors' thoughts on prayer. The oldest writings are from Martin Luther and John Calvin during the 1500's. Some of the contemporary, more familiar names are Max Lucado and Jim Cymbala.

The book is divided into 10 chapters, each dealing with a particular topic of prayer.
  • the purpose of prayer
  • the Psalms as prayer
  • patterns for prayer
  • a passion for prayer
  • the posture of prayer
  • problems with prayer
  • powerlessness and prayer
  • public and private prayer
  • pastoral prayer
  • the power of prayer
Overall, this was an okay book. I was excited to start reading it, but after a few chapters it got a little boring. It does provide you with a nice introduction to many authors' writings. If you like their style then you can get their books for future reading enjoyment.

Personally, I thought several of the authors wrote a lot of words, but didn't really say anything of any value.

I would recommend this book only if you are looking specifically for a wide variety of writings on the topic of prayer to determine which authors you want to study more thoroughly.


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