March 12, 2010

Book Review

The Faith-Based Millionaire by Jay Peroni

This book claims to be a "practical how-to book" regarding faith and finances. There are 12 easy to read chapters containing information about aligning your finances with your faith. I cannot say that any of the advice was outstanding though.

The book can easily be summarized by saying, trust God with your finances, do what He would want you to do with "your" money. Give to God, spend wisely, save and invest as much as possible so that you can help others.

There didn't seem to be much "practical" advice about investing other than saying hire a professional if you do not have the time to evaluate companies for their moral, social, or religious activities. Obviously, don't invest in companies that violate your principles.

It almost seemed to me that the author wrote this book to promote his website and his faith-based advising business.

Overall, this book is worth a read. There are a few tidbits of information that could help you out. This isn't a book you would refer to often, so it would be better to borrow the book from a library and save yourself some money.

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Jay Peroni said...

Thanks for writing a review of my book! Much appreciated! The goal of the book was to educate others about my personal journey or discovering 12 essential habits that lead to faith-based wealth and open the dialogue of finding companies and investments that line up with one's beliefs. I created as a resource center, for do it yourself investors and yes I am President & CEO of Values First Advisors but there is no promotion of this in the book as that was not my intent.

Many Blessings,
Jay Peroni