October 03, 2011

Wilkinson Sword Tech 3 Razor

For the past two months I have been testing out the Wilkinson Sword Tech 3 razor. I was very excited to try it out as it has been hyped by many of the razor aficionados on the internet. The razor is relatively inexpensive. I purchased the handle with two cartridges for $3 with a $2 off coupon. 4 cartridges cost about $5 at wal*mart, so at $1.25 per cartridge is not too bad.

Overall, I thought it was an okay shave. I noticed I cut myself a few times. It didn't seem to cut as close as other razors, but wasn't as bad as some razors either! I think the hype was really just from Gillette haters out there.

I will give this razor a 90% ranking. While it does not shave as close as the Bic Flex 4, Mach 3, or Fusion Proglide, the cost is almost half. And cost is an important factor to me.

I still have 4 Flex 4, 4 Mach 3, and 3 Bic Advantage razors left, so I won't be buying anything new anytime soon. I can usually find a coupon for the Bic Flex 4 in the paper and that will make my future buying decisions a little easier.

Until the next time.

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