December 10, 2013

The Interpreter Magazine Question

The Interpreter Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine from the United Methodist Communication Office of Public Information. They are adding a new feature starting in January 2014 where they ask readers a question and print some of the responses. Below is the question for January and my response is listed below that.

With what kinds of personal issues are United Methodists dealing that might benefit from spiritual support?

United Methodists struggle with the same personal issues as any other Christian. Living in a fallen world has been a challenge and will be a challenge until Christ returns for His children. The unique struggles that United Methodists would be dealing with are those that originate from the United Methodist Conference. How does a Christian following the teachings of a church when the church no longer stays true to the Word of God? No doubt, at the next General Conference there will be a battle over issues that are clearly addressed in Scripture.

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