June 01, 2014

Book Review

Fire Your Boss by Stephen Pollan and Mark Levine

The theme of this book is about taking control of your work life. The approach to this is outlined throughout the book in part one. Part two gives a few examples of the process.

In brief, the concepts are to fulfill the needs of your boss and always be looking for a better job. Forget about a career, you should not try to find your satisfaction in life from your job. Instead you should try to work less and make more money so you have time to do what fulfills your life during your personal time.

The authors list twenty factors to consider when comparing jobs, some are important, others may be important, and some are not important, but good to consider during a comparison.

Important Factors: income, opportunity for learning, paid time off, proximity, unpaid time off.
May Be Important Factors: disability insurance, health insurance, retirement plan, tuition reimbursement
Not Important Factors: amenities, auto reimbursement/allowance, challenging work, culture, environment, expense allowance, opportunity for advancement, stability, status, title

The book is almost 300 pages long. In reality, there is about 50 pages of material in it. The authors just keep stating the same ideas and examples over and over again. While I do not agree with everything the authors write, they do make some good points.

Overall, I do not recommend this book, simply because there isn't enough good information to make it worth while. It seems to me the authors just wrote a book to capitalize on their success from writing other books.

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