December 29, 2014

Book Review

Through The Bible Through The Year by John Stott

This is a daily (52 week) reflection on the bible from Genesis to Revelation. There are three parts to the book, each dealing with a particular theme during the Christian year. The first part of the book is from Creation to Christ which covers the months of September through December. The second part of the book is from Christmas to Pentecost which covers the months of January to April. Finally, there is Pentecost to the Parousia which covers the months of May to August.

The daily devotions were not the best. They were either too opinionated, too much non-biblical references, or simply no detailed enough to explain the passage of Scripture. I also did not agree with all of the authors theology, especially with his writings about the book of Revelation. The author seems to have a more symbolic view of Scripture rather than a literal view for many passages.

Therefore, I do not recommend this book. There are other daily devotionals that will get your through the bible in a year.

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