April 26, 2016

Book Review

God Is In The Small Stuff by Bruce & Stan

This book is laid out in a 40 day devotional style. Each day there is a particular topic regarding God's involvement in your life. There is a Scripture reading, the discussion text, and some short phrases to further help you understand and apply the topic to your life.

I believe the last full paragraph of the book sums it up nicely:

"Live your life with an overwhelming sense that God is present in the details all around you. There will be no boring moments. Life will take on new meaning when you begin to see God in the small stuff."

As we know from the Scripture, great things seem to happen after 40 days of waiting, listening, and preparing for God to work. This makes for a great devotional leading up to or coming out of Easter. I recommend this book to everyone interested in seeing God at work in their lives more clearly.

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