June 23, 2008

Domestic Partner Registry

Mayor Luke signed into law a Domestic Partner Registry for the city of Pittsburgh. I haven’t seen the law, but I have a few questions for him about it.

  1. I am currently married and have been for several years, can I still sign up and have a Domestic Partner as well?
  2. How many Domestic Partners can I have?
  3. My Father may be retiring soon, at which time he will lose his employee sponsored benefits. Can I make him my Domestic Partner so he can enroll for my employee health insurance?
  4. My dog is getting older and vet bills are pretty expensive. Can he be my Domestic Partner and will my health insurance cover him?

I suspect the bill is wrote in such a way that married people are excluded, you can only have one Domestic Partner at a time and they cannot be a blood relative. Animals are probably not allowed either. Talk about discrimination! Where was the ACLU on this one!

Always thinking at Doe Valley.

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