June 06, 2008

Follow Up to Digital TV Conversion

As my regular readers know, I contacted the FCC about the digital TV "upgrade" in February of 2009. I have not heard a response to them as of this writing. I decided to send a similar message to the current TV stations in my area (CBS 2, ABC 4, FOX 8, CBS 10), that I will no longer be able to watch next year. Below is the message. I will let you know their responses, if any.

I live in a rural area (Strongstown, PA) and am concerned about the mandatory “upgrade” to the digital broadcasting system in February of 2009.

Currently I receive your station with my antenna. However, when I installed the analog to digital converter I am unable to get your station.

In fact, I am only able to get one station that is reasonably close to me.

In February, will you be able to boost your signal output so us rural people will still be able to watch “free” TV? I sent a message to the FCC a few months ago, but have not heard anything. What can I do? I cannot get cable where I live and will not pay for Satellite.

It seems strange, that if this is an “update” that I would actually LOOSE my ability to watch TV even after making the necessary updates to my TV with the converter box! Thanks for any help you can provide.

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