May 16, 2008

Biblical Women

As mentioned yesterday, here are some descriptions about each of the women in “The Extraordinary Mother” by John Macarthur.


  • Mother, comforter, nurturer, & helper
  • Deceived and cursed


  • Faithful, love for God & husband, hopeful
  • Was also cruel


  • Trusts & obeys (initially)
  • Didn’t nurture her sons faith
  • Rejected God’s commands by taking an Egyptian wife for her son


  • Kind service
  • Believes God’s promises, but took matters into her own hands

Rachel & Leah

  • Polygamy always causes trouble
  • A legacy of faith was instilled in their children


  • Entrusted her child to God’s care
  • Hope, let Mose’s go twice


  • Wise & influential
  • Obedience to God
  • Mother to Israel
  • Dealt with the world as it was, but instructed her Children about how it should be

Samson’s Mother

  • Faithful & dedicated


  • Faithful in service
  • Wise & humble

King Lemuel’s Mother

  • If this is Solomon’s mother – teaches him about God’s wisdom

Mary – Jesus’ Mother

  • Grace & courage
  • Devoted & faithful

Mary – John Mark’s Mother

  • Supporter of the church
  • Supported her son through his troubles

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