May 07, 2008

R or D?

The other day Hillary Clinton made some comments regarding cars and politics. She said in effect, use “R” to go in reverse and use “D” to go forward. The insinuation was that Republicans will take the country backward while the Democratic Party will move us forward. But what do you really get with “R” and “D”?

Do you want to move forward or go back?

Go back to family values
Go back to a smaller government
Go back to lower taxes
Go back to a free market with minimal government interference
Go back to a sense of community
Go back to religion and prayer in schools
Go back to the sanctity of marriage/life
Go back to the upholding the laws of immigration into the United States
Go back to being tough on crime

Move forward with higher taxes
Move forward with a larger government
Move forward with more regulation
Move forward with a hostile environment towards businesses
Move forward with higher costs of health care
Move forward with destroying family values
Move forward with killing babies in their mother’s womb
Move forward with increased rights for criminals
Move forward with the breakdown of society
Move forward with ignoring the laws of the United States

Again I ask, Do you want to move forward or go back?

Take me back, please!

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